Havent’t gotten the book yet?

There are so many books out there that might interest you. But I’m telling you Half A Decade In My Labyrinth is the book for you! Not because the author wants you to read the book, but because we can all relate. Instead of reading fantasy or something make believe think of it as one of those cool Facebook videos. Your scrolling through and the title catches you. Once your pulled in and the video starts to play, you go hey! I totally know where that guy is coming from. I guarantee my poems won’t make you cry, but they will hit a nerve. There is so much unspoken emotion in the world that’s not being brought to light. Tatiana Spence is the person whose going to capture these moments and share them. No Matter How personal, we are all human and there are multiple people on earth who go through the same thing as you! Don’t ever say your alone, because your not!


“Although we hide, its the little crevasses that we pour are heart out through bit by bit” – T. Spence


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